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Eriogonum / Buckwheat

Genus: Eriogonum

Common Name: Buckwheat


Eriogonum is a native wildflower that attracts a host of small native bees and other pollinating insects. It also serves as a host plant for numerous butterfly species. The flowers, which appear in clusters of white, pink or yellow, appear in summer through fall. Eriogonum is a particularly important pollinator plant in natural ecosystems of California, the Great Basin and the southwest and also makes an excellent addition to pollinator gardens in these and other locales across North America.


Native Regions

Nationwide, the United States and Canada, with the exception of the Great Lakes region, New England and northeastern Canadian provinces



Eriogonum (buckwheat, wild buckwheat) native species, both annual and perennial, as well as many cultivars of this plant, are routinely available in garden stores and nurseries throughout North America. Wild buckwheat varieties can be grown easily in most regions of the U.S. and Canada.



Annual, perennial, depending upon species


Bloom Time

Summer, fall


Average Height

3 feet


Flower Color






Full sun


Water Requirements



Recommended Species

Eriogonum fasciculatum (eastern Mojave buckwheat, California buckwheat) is a native perennial that grows to about 3 feet and is found naturally on dry slopes and canyons near the coast of California, from San Diego County north to Marin County. It is also found in Utah, Arizona, and northwestern Mexico. The flowers, which bloom from May through October, appear in clusters of white or pink. This plant is routinely available.


Eriogonum umbellatum (sulphur-flower buckwheat) is a native, low-growing (typically to 2 feet) perennial that attracts a wide variety of bees and other native pollinators. It is a larval host and nectar source for lupine blue butterfly (Plebejus lupini)Sulphur-flower buckwheat is native to western mountainous regions of North America at elevations of 700 to 12,000 feet. It is found from western Canada south to California and east into Colorado and New Mexico. As its name suggests, this buckwheat produces yellow to yellow-orange blossoms from June to October, depending upon elevation. Sulphur-flower buckwheat seeds and container plants are readily available from commercial sources.


Eriogonum heracleoides (whorled buckwheat, Wyeth buckwheat, parsnipflower buckwheat) is a native perennial that produces large splays of small, cream to yellow colored flowers and has tremendous potential for use in native landscaping and drought tolerant plantings in the semi-arid regions of western North America. The species range includes the Rocky Mountain and Intermountain western states from British Columbia and Alberta south to Utah and Nevada. Seeds for this species are available through the Native Seed Network.

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