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Grindelia / gumweed

Genus: Grindelia

Common Name: Gumweed


Gumweed is a hardy native plant that does well in garden settings.


Native Regions

Nationwide United States and Canada



Although this plant is not commonly found in conventional nurseries, seeds for numerous species of Grindelia are available through the “Native Seed Network” in Corvallis, Oregon. Seedlings of Grindelia species may also be found periodically in local native plant nurseries.





Bloom Time

Spring, summer, fall, depending upon species


Average Height

2 feet


Flower Color




Full sun


Water Requirements

Dry to average


Recommended Species

Grindelia camporum (Great Valley gumweed) is native to California and Nevada in the west and to Massachusetts and Pennsylvania in the east. It has a very long bloom period from May through October, making it a valuable habitat plant for many species of both early and late foraging native bees. This plant, which does well in a garden setting, is available through the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens and the Native Seed Network.


Grindelia hirsutula (hairy gumweed), which is native to most parts of Canada, California and Oregon, is a spring-blooming variety of gumweed, favored by early leafcutter and green sweat bees. It continues to bloom well into the summer months. Seeds can be ordered through the Native Seed Network.


Grindelia stricta (Oregon gumweed) is native to the western coastal regions, including California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and British Columbia. It is a mid-summer blooming, very vigorous plant that will flourish in garden settings. It attracts a wide range of summer foraging native bees. Seeds are available through the Native Seed Network.


Grindelia squarrosa (curlycup gumweed), which began as a native species in the western United States, has now spread to most parts of the U.S. and Canada. It is a tough, short-lived perennial, found primarily in prairies and over-grazed rangeland. Sources for seeds can be obtained through the Native Seed Network.

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