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Coreopsis / tickseed

Genus: Coreopsis

Common Name: Tickseed


The state wildflower of Florida, Coreopsis is a great summer bloom. Be sure to choose single-petal varieties, which allow bees to access the flower's pollen.


Native Regions

Nationwide United States and Canada, with the exception of Alaska, Nevada, Utah and the west/central extreme northern Canadian territories.



Many commercial varieties are routinely available and easily grown in most parts of North America.



Perennial, occasionally annual, depending upon species


Bloom Time

Summer and fall


Average Height

2 feet


Flower Color




Full sun to partial shade, depending upon species


Water Requirements



Recommended Species

In general, when selecting Coreopsis species, choose those with wide, open, single-petal platforms. Cultivars with multiple petals sacrifice pollen for the sake of showy petals and make it more difficult for the bees to access what pollen stores may be available.


Coreopsis lanceolata (lanceleaf tickseed), which is found coast to coast, is routinely available and can be grown in most parts of the U.S. and Canada. It is a vigorous perennial that will grow in most soil types and will attract many of our late summer native bees.


Coreopsis grandiflora (large-flowered tickseed) is found in natural settings along the east and west coasts, and is also distributed throughout the central states, though absent from the Midwest. This species is, however, carried by most nurseries throughout the U.S. and does well in most garden settings.


Coreopsis tinctoria (golden tickseed), an annual species with deep red centers, is native to most regions of the U.S. and Canada. It is routinely available and grows well in most gardens.

bee Visitors

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Augochlorella / Sweat Bee

Bombus / Bumble Bee

Colletes / Polyester Bee

Diasda / Sunflower Bee

Halictus / Sweat Bee

Lasioglossum / Sweat Bee

Megachile / Leafcutter Bee

Melissodes / Long-horned bee

Osmia / Mason Bee

Triepeolus / Cuckoo Bee

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