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Eschscholzia / california poppy

Genus: Eschscholzia

Common Name: California Poppy


California poppy is a very important spring pollen source for bumble bee queens and other early spring bees.

California poppy, with its brilliant orange flowers, is a must in any spring wild flower garden. It grows easily from seed, and with supplemental water, it will bloom well into summer.


Native Regions

California, Pacific Northwest, Southwest; introduced sporadically across the United States and Canada



Commercially available and can be grown in most parts of North America. It is drought tolerant, grows well in disturbed areas and easily self-sows.





Bloom Time

Spring to mid-summer with sufficient moisture


Average Height

1 foot


Flower Color




Full sun


Water Requirements

Average to dry

bee Visitors

Andrena / Mining Bee

Anthophora / Digger Bee

Bombus / Bumble Bee

Ceratina / Small Carpenter Bee

Diadasia / Sunflower Bee

Halictus / Sweat Bee

Hylaeus / Yellow-faced Bee

Lasioglossum / Sweat Bee

Megachile / Leafcutter Bee

Osmia / Mason Bee

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