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Liatris / Blazing Star

Genus: Liatris

Common Name: Blazing Star


Liatris species can be used for prairie restoration and landscaping, roadside plantings and wildlife food and habitat. Their attractive purple flowers, which provide forage for many bee and butterfly species, makes them ideal for regional wildflower and pollinator gardens.


Native Regions

Throughout the United States and Canada, east of the Rockies



Routinely available





Bloom Time

Summer, fall


Average Height

4 feet


Flower Color







Full sun


Water Requirements

Average to dry


Recommended Species

Liatris pycnostachya (prairie blazing star), as its name suggests, is native to prairies and rocky, open areas. It is a showy, routinely available species, its wands of rose-lavender blossoms being a magnet for many native bee and butterfly species. It is a favorite of long-tongued bumble bees. It is one of the few Liatris species that can tolerate moist soils, typical of garden settings.


Liatris aspera (tall blazing star, rough blazing star) is a highly drought-tolerant species, found as a native plant in dry plains, prairies and thin woods. It is commercially available for use in gardens, producing wands of pink or purple flowers in late summer that attract a variety of pollinators, including short-tongued bumble bees.

bee Visitors

Bombus / Bumble Bee

Megachile / Leafcutter Bee

Melissodes / Long-horned Bee

Svastra / Sunflower Bee

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